Hello, World!

I'm Alex Van de Sande and I'm an interaction designer. I love learning complex stuff translating it into simple terms.

An early member of the Ethereum Foundation, I helped shape the early experience of web3. I'm also an illustrator, and a proud dad.

Things you can't take from me

Small little dents on the universe for which I'm proud for.

Things you can take from me

I sometimes make stuff that you can have in your home. Maybe you or the geek in your life might like them.

What I've been thinking

You can find me in a myriad of places online.

  • The Infinite Machine

    A very light and fun book by Camila Russo, from the early days to the ICO manias of 2018. Maybe soon as a movie by Scott Free productions.

  • Out of the Ether

    Matthew Leising tells the story of the DAO heist as a non-linear and exciting thriller worthy of a spy movie.

  • The Cryptopians

    Laura's book is the latest most comprehensive of all three but also the largest. She's also the one who figured out who the DAO Hacker was!